Contract Assurance


Through our Expert Witness work and delivery experience, we can help you identify where those unexpected surprises await before they turn into expensive mistakes.

Project Assurance

Are you concerned about undiscovered risk in your project? 

Are you feeling uneasy about whether you are getting complete transparency from your project teams?

Corporate governance rules are tight.  Directors are now at risk of being held personally liable for incorrect actions.  For example, in a payroll scenario, even jail time is possible for deliberately and systematically underpaying employees.

AgileXperts can help your Sponsor and Board feel assured, from the start of your project or just toward the end when your platform really starts to burn.  We will analyse your whole project for risk, from the business risk of not getting value from what you are building, through the likelihood of delay due to integration issues, to the ability of your operations team to support your system in production after go-live.  We follow our HOAP™️  assurance pattern to ensure we don't miss a thing.

IT Contract Assurance

Most IT procurement contracts are not created and signed-off by people who understand and have experience in IT Delivery.  Our experience highlights five key success factors of IT procurement:

  1. How IT systems are built/configured and run;

  2. What a customer should expect from a supplier in terms of support and quality over the life of the system;

  3. How to set up a contract to accommodate ongoing change during the course of an implementation; and

  4. How to define acceptance criteria to ensure the business is receiving what they need from the project.


AgileXperts provides assurance that IT procurement contracts accommodate modern delivery methodologies to deliver business value.  We assure that the implementation and operational costs remain within your planned budget. 

Our Xperts work with your IT, Procurement and Legal teams to ensure that your contract is a win-win for all parties.

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