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The Payroll Breakthrough Kit

Break the deadlock and make real lasting change

In this kit we give you the tools and show you how to:

> Identify the underlying systemic problems;

> Start and have the "right" conversations with management and the C-suite;

> Free up our time to work on the important tasks; and

> Develop a solid and defendable business case for change.

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We understand the world of Payroll.

For most organisations, the most common Payroll problems include:

> Too many manual processes;
> Chasing other managers for information and Timesheets;
> Always feeling your team is under the pump;

> Never having time to spend on making improvements; and

> A C-suite with "higher" priorities.

But what if your world could look like this?
> Having time to do the important things;
> Minimal errors and manual workarounds;

> Having access to the information and data you need without having to ask or chase it up;
> The ability to meet Payroll deadlines; and
> A system that works the way you want it to work.

Get started now on making meaningful Payroll change.

Breakthrough Now

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About The Author

Doug Barker



Doug has been working in the Payroll and HR sectors for 26 years. He has been in your position before, stuck in the endless cycles of running Payrolls. Not having the time to get on to the changes you need to make to ensure your Payroll can function better.