Tell us about your payroll project.

Underestimated Your Payroll Project?

Major enterprises require large scale and complex payroll transformations to keep up with legislative, technological and financial demands of their business operations. Often businesses underestimate the scale and reach of their payroll and human capital systems, therefore, will try to run complex payroll transformations using internal staff only. This leads to burnout, project failure, cost blowout, compliance issues and employee payroll issues.


Already at this stage?

A simple and easy solution here is to garner the project team to understand HOW off-track the project is. This will give you a gauge on the criticality and where you need to fix.

It is at this time, often, that businesses consider bringing in an external payroll project specialist to remediate and realign the project back on track.


Is this a value-for-money solution?

Yes. Payroll Project Management is the application of specialist payroll experience, knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques applied to project activities to meet the project requirements. Note: this is not just ‘standard project management’ skills. Payroll project management specialists have deep subject matter expertise on specific payroll compliance, payroll technology vendors, human capital management structures and stakeholder management across all the disciplines that payroll affects.


Who are AgileXperts?

We are industry-leading specialists in project management, project recovery and assurance.  We manage your project risk, so you can manage your business.