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Payroll Process Audit

Future-proof your Payroll

Payroll Process Audits mitigate your Payroll risk by catching problems before they arise.

Our Payroll Process Audit is used to proactively detect and diagnose payroll compliance risks and issues before they become a problem by helping organisations mitigate and remediate concerns. At the heart of our philosophy is not technology & IT projects, rather we believe bringing positive change to an organisation is all about supporting its people.

A periodic PPA is an early detection diagnostic health check of your ogranisation's Payroll processes and has the following benefits:

  • Helps ensure your organisation maintains compliance in a fast-changing regulatory landscape;

  • Helps ensure past remediations/established processes and procedures are being consistently adhered to;

  • Provides unbiased early detection of risks and issues before they become a problem; and

  • Provides you with expert advice, recommendations and support for remediation and future-proofing.

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Payroll Processing Service

Business risk mitigation

Our Payroll Processing Service (PPS) is a unique contingency mechanism organisations can utilise in the event of a Payroll processing crisis. It is used to keep the Payroll "lights on".

The Payroll Processing Service framework involves:

  • Discovery - We conduct discovery activities to assess and understand your current operational payroll processes. We will identify key operational risks, provide an assessment of the capacity shortfalls and propose mitigation measures to the key operational risks identified.

  • Execution - We support Payroll processing and execute processes according to your current operational procedures identified in the Discover phase.

  • Return to BAU - We transition Payroll processing activities back at the end of the agreed PPS period.

PPS helps ensure your organisation has a robust business continuity mechanism for critical Payroll processes. With this service, we can guarantee that your employees will continue to be paid in the event of a situation impacting your in-house Payroll team or Payroll processing.

Throughout the discovery phase, our PPS will assess critical Payroll processes and identify key operational risks.