Future-Proof Your Payroll

When was the last time your Payroll team reviewed and updated their processes? If it was more than 2 months ago, you are at risk.

Payroll Process Audits mitigate your Payroll risk by catching problems before they arise.

Payroll Process Audit

What you get:






A periodic diagnostic specifically designed to mitigate your Payroll Risk;

Assurance that your organisation maintains compliance in a fast-changing regulatory landscape;

Assurance that past remediation and established processes and procedures are being adhered to;

Unbiased early detection of risks and issues before they become a problem; and

Expert advice, recommendations and support for remediation and future-proofing


Our Payroll Process Audits start from $10,000 per annum.

Considering how much a remediation exercise can cost, it's a small price to pay to ensure your processes are fit for purpose.

Early Detection


Tactical Remediation

Strategic Planning