I believe there will be changes in the way organisations work in 2020, taking us along the gradual progression to modern ways of working. I believe that the concept of "management" will continue to disappear from the corporate world. This requires time and a generational change but will have benefits we cannot even imagine yet. People who have grown up with "MANAGEMENT" as the only way to do things eventually will retire from the workforce, so we will see more and more senior people coming through who are comfortable with the idea of setting boundaries for their teams and then allowing self-organisation within those boundaries.

A Leader

As a leader of an organisation in 2020 and beyond, you need to learn new skills around how to appropriately set boundaries and targets, and the teams themselves will need to develop skills and experience in self-organising and task allocation to completion. This applies to all teams within organisations - not just technology teams.

The Key

This model of work is inherently more human than the command and control model most organisations have been using. When an organisation is more “human”, it naturally attracts good people to work within it. Because it is more attractive for people to work within it, organisations who adopt this “humanity” culture will attract superior employees. Over time, by employing the majority of the best people in the marketplace, these organisations will prosper and grow. Organisations which defer and stay with command and control will eventually die.

Brett Cowan

Executive Director, AgileXperts

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