Updated: Jul 10, 2020

AgileXperts, a Brisbane based specialist agile consulting company, has recently launched its next-generation premier payroll service focused on boosting compliance, performance and digitisation of payroll functions for Australian enterprises.

Through the expert management and delivery of payroll projects, customers will minimize the risk of changing their payroll systems, and guarantee they achieve their return on investment (ROI). They can therefore benefit from transformed payroll systems that adhere to legislative requirements, reduce the cost of payroll operations and improve visibility of finance tasks.

With over 12 years in delivering high-profile payroll projects, including global consumer brands KFC and Collins Foods, the team at AgileXperts bring a modularized and agile approach to payroll projects to ensure that the payruns work every time, correctly and consistently. The projects are always delivered on-time, on budget and within scope.

“Payroll projects are notoriously risky. We worked closely on the Parliamentary enquiry into Queensland Health payroll debacle and have seen millions, if not billions, of dollars wasted by Australian enterprises that have underestimated the complexity of payroll, HRIS and ERP projects,” comments AgileXperts’ Director, Brett Cowan.

“Nobody wants to see a payroll project fail. Changing payroll systems is considered a high-risk project simply because everyone in the organisation counts on being paid, paid on time and to the correct legislative requirements. If these projects do fail, the reputational, financial and judicial repercussions are huge – and not to forget the indirect impacts for staff members who are unable to pay their bills or mortgages simply because their employer couldn’t drive a successful outcome.”

“Payroll projects need not be high risk if you actively mitigate that risk. You can do that by engaging an organisation which lives and breathes payroll project management. One of the key agile principles we embrace in payroll projects is breaking things down into incremental steps and following a methodology that modularizes complex technical, procedural and legislative work streams.”

“We saw hundreds of Australian enterprises embarking on enterprise wide payroll projects with quite a myopic view of project management – and we knew there needed to be a specialized approached to payroll and HRIS project systems so we developed our unique project framework (HOAP™️) which leverages both traditional and agile principles and enables us to deliver with confidence. HOAP™️ embodies our learnings from every project we’ve ever delivered and also the significant mistakes we see whilst working as an Expert Witness in Supreme Court cases, and distills those learnings down to patterns that every one of our Xperts can use at every client.” Cowan explains.

With recently completing a complex payroll project with KFC, the team at AgileXperts have multi-disciplinary expertise across the challenges of payroll projects including moving data between HRIS, payroll, finance and ERP systems.

Each step requires scope, consolidation and export of data, often involving cumbersome manual entry or confirmation. Other components often include the building of employee self-service systems, fully integrated payroll interfaces that automatically enters time, salary, and payroll data with a modern, social UI. There is also the consideration to accommodate complex legislative payment award systems and Enterprise Agreement factors including calculation of earnings, deductions, contributions, taxes, sick leave, annual leave, child support payments, superannuation and university loan payments.

“It’s these complexities are often greatly undervalued by leadership, IT and business operations teams which ultimately make them a high-risk project. Complex payroll environments consume inordinate amounts of time and money, especially at fast-growing companies that need to focus resources on innovation and customer service,” says Cowan.

“These next-generation payroll project methodologies and services make AgileXperts the go-to solution for businesses that want to reduce the risk of implementing change to their payroll systems, thereby improving payroll accuracy and cost-efficiency while natively integrating with best-of-breed technology across accounting, expense management and finance.” concludes Cowan.