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Australian payroll project specialist consultancy, AgileXperts, has significantly expanded their teams in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne the year of the pandemic, responding to a strong demand from Australian enterprises looking to overhaul their payroll systems in light of increasing employee underpayment scandals.

Following significant progression in the capital cities with a number of major retail and hospitality brands, AgileXperts has grown their headcount, customer base and revenue by 250% in 2020.

“The major fallout of some of Australia’s most iconic brands is that they are identified in the media as underpaying their employees, this impacts their brand perception and loyalty. Too often, customers come to us after they have unintentionally underpaid their staff for some time, while completely unawares,” comments AgileXperts Managing Director, Brett Cowan.

“The rise in underpayment issues comes from outdated processes, inflexible technology and failure to adhere to the continual changes to workforce remuneration policy. These issues combined means that even the largest brands with the best financial teams, such as Woolworths, Qantas and Bunnings have been subject to negative publicity and their staff not paid correctly.

The rectification of the core issues then requires them to overhaul their payroll systems quickly, which is often a highly complex project undertaking and introduces additional risk to those same processes. In AgileXperts’ experience, clients who use their “urgent” payroll improvements projects as an opportunity to improve their processes and enhance their own delivery capability end up delivering the most resilient and successful projects.”

With the addition of extra payroll project experts, including project managers, business analysts and payroll specialists, the team at AgileXperts are primed to meet the growing demand by delivering to clients, the projects, plus the capability of adhering to continual changes in workforce remuneration policies.

“Payroll projects are notoriously risky and underestimated in terms of complexity, effort and duration. The risk of project failure is high if the right expertise and resources are not brought to bear at the right time. That’s where our vendor agnostic payroll project specialist services are seeing significant demand."

" We’ve seen a spike in customers who approach us mid-way through their project when they realise they will not meet deadlines or project budget, or worse, have entire payroll system failures. We help these clients deliver the project and also focus on helping the client build internal capability and resilience to prevent future issues.”

“The key to a successful payroll project, that ensures your staff are paid correctly, is to engage with payroll and project subject matter expertise as early as practicable. This will save hundreds of thousands of dollars and many hours for the business while resulting in a far smoother payroll transition across people, process and technology. A smooth transition is critical for staff, operations, HR, payroll, finance and marketing functions, so it’s incredibly rewarding to see it implemented successfully.”

“Finding the right people, who have intricate and detailed knowledge of complex payroll functions is key to our success and the reason why we have grown as a team in an economically challenging time. Layered on top of that are our methodologies, processes and quality assurance measures that always ensure our clients end up paying their staff correctly and remain out of the media spotlight for the wrong reasons” Brett explains.

With some of Australia’s most prominent brands across the public and private sector in the AgileXperts customer portfolio and an impeccable track record of delivering on-time and on-budget, the team are set to build an even stronger business across the Australian Eastern Seaboard over the next calendar year.

About AgileXperts Payroll Projects:

Payroll projects are a complicated blend of highly specific business rules and significantly different user personas, combined with multiple technical integrations. AgileXperts brings to the table four key skill-sets and experience to manage this complexity - Project Management, Payroll Expertise, Technical Integration and Agile Patterns.

Changing payroll systems is considered a high-risk project simply because everyone counts on being paid. If these projects do fail, there is a risk you will end up in the headlines. To add to this, corporate governance rules are tight which means Directors are now at risk of being held personally liable for payroll issues. For example, jail time is possible for deliberately and systematically underpaying employees. Nobody wants or intends to see a payroll project fail, AgileXperts will partner with you to ensure your project is a success and also ensure that your capability will be uplifted as a result of the engagement with AgileXperts.

Businesses can email or call 1300 287 213 for free first-step advice on how to ensure your payroll processes can safeguard your payroll compliance. Follow us on Linkedin or sign up here to receive our articles direct to your email inbox.


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