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Collaboration comes with what outcomes?

  • Communication;

  • Improved organisational flexibility;

  • Stability – engaged, committed and satisfied employees;

  • Organisational attraction to and retention of talented employees;

  • Trust between employees and organisations;

  • People learn new skills from each other;

  • A mentally healthy workplace;

  • Increased efficiency for teams (including remote) and increased business velocity;

  • Creativity and fast innovation;

  • Cost-effectiveness through increased business profitability; and last but not least….

  • Productive meetings….and it is with this, we now introduce to you, the Meeting Owl (and the Meeting Owl Pro).

The Meeting Owl by Owl Labs

AgileXperts brings this innovative device to our client sites to show how such a clever technology can support teams who work remotely. As Owl Labs say “it helps work happen from anywhere”.

Features are mentioned below:

  • 360 Degree smart camera mic and speaker;

  • Dynamic camera which focuses on up to four individuals simultaneously; and

  • 12-foot radius audio pickup.

Now is the time to "turn any meeting room into a smart meeting room”.

Be sure to check out the pitch video on Owl Labs website -



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