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Some companies have walked away from other agile implementations with mixed feelings about their Coaches:

  • They have passion-perfect syndrome.

  • They are great with process and tech but always fall short on culture.

  • They say their delivery is agile but their contract is waterfall.

  • The A-Team does the selling and the C-Team does the delivery.

  • Their methodology is all about a consistent process for implementation but we have unique challenges and culture.

If we look at ALL these statements differently - aren’t they just challenges of change?

  • Who doesn’t want to be recognised as being unique?

  • Who doesn’t want to feel good about change?

  • Who doesn’t want a contract that reflects business of today?

  • Who doesn’t want the best of the best working on their change?

  • Who doesn’t want to see value in their own work?

Common challenges of change are:

  • communication;

  • gaining stakeholder support;

  • being able to handle daily problems;

  • actually making the culture shift; and

  • the delay in gaining experience.

Organisational Change Certification educates how to manage these factors. At AgileXperts our permanent delivery employees are certified in organisational change within the first 12 months of their employment. By ensuring you have the right knowledge and experience, you can minimise these challenges.


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