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AgileXperts, a Brisbane based payroll projects specialist consultancy, has announced today the successful completion and delivery of an enterprise sized payroll system transformation for global food giant, KFC.

With a complex payroll environment that covered 750 stores nationwide and 55 Franchise

owners, the original scope of the project was an 18-month delivery timeline with a 40-50

person project team size. With a multifaceted technology set and legislative Enterprise Awards to implement, the project was considered high-risk due to the requirement to pay over 40,000 staff on time and according to Fair Work Australia legislation.

The team at AgileXperts were engaged by KFC to build structure, effective stakeholder governance and implement agile delivery processes within the project to ensure on-time and on-budget completion.

The AgileXperts’ team quickly assessed the risk and stakeholder environment, noting that unlocking the highly technical integration of systems would be a key process in meeting success. The legacy payroll system included one Interpretation Engine that interfaced with over 45 instances of 5 different payroll systems that were operated by remote, internal and external teams. With over 40,000 people’s livelihoods at stake, AgileXperts’ took these risks seriously and approached delivery with core agile principals and fundamentals.

The adopted project delivery methodology was based on three core agile pillars of Transparency, Adaptation and Inspection. It was these pillars that created “Information Radiators” to communicate current and future state plans to stakeholders, visualisation of tasks to view real-time progress, common definitions of success and completion as well as breaking down project deliverables into identifiable streams. Finally, creating a culture of feedback, analysis and response allowed for project members to safely raise issues and concerns and achieved communal problem solving.

“I’ve been very impressed with the deliverables of AgileXperts. They were asked at very short notice to step in and help us take our challenging project to a successful conclusion. AgileXperts were on site within two days of our call, and within a week had helped us identify the key risks to our successful go-live as well as their mitigations.” -- Karen Ancira – Chief People Officer, KFC

“AgileXperts created a robust plan, ran daily stand-ups to support the team to deliver that plan and also developed effective relationships with the stakeholders to gain their buy-in for their part of the journey. I fully endorse the work done by AgileXperts as extremely valuable and one of the key components to the success of this critical project.”

Businesses can email or call 1300 287 213 for free first-step advice on how to ensure your payroll processes can safeguard your payroll compliance. Follow us on Linkedin or sign up here to receive our articles direct to your email inbox.

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