Let’s talk about 2021: A word from our Executive Director

At the start of a new year, it’s a prevalent time for organisational leaders to look back on what happened previously and start to envision the year ahead. 2020, I’m sure we can all agree, was a year like no other.

Globally, and locally here in Australia, we’ve gone through a rollercoaster of a time. Highs, lows, stolen freedoms and plans thrown by the wayside. We’ve seen many workplaces and families ripped apart across state border lines as we grapple with the uncertainty that the future holds.

Yet, we’ve proven resilient, and in the workplace, we’ve shown that it’s possible to fundamentally change how we live and work in a very short time period, indeed.

2020 was a year of disease and disruption, but an absolute stellar year for digitisation and transformation. The scale and pace of digital change we saw in 2020 was hurried, but much leaves our lives for the better.