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Master Your Project's Destiny: The Power of Effective Test Management

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Delivering a project that meets the desired business outcomes is a critical task for every team. But how can you make sure that defects and issues are caught and resolved before your project goes live? The answer lies in effective testing and test management.

Test management refers to the process of managing and controlling the entire testing phase of a project. It involves planning, design, reporting on tests, and ensuring that your project meets the desired quality standards. In this blog, we will explore the crucial role of test management in every project's development life cycle (DLC) and how good testing helps in detecting and resolving defects before your system/product go-live.

Within a Delivery Life Cycle, testing helps to reveal defects before going live.

The defects that testing finds can be classified as coding/configuration defects (there been errors in the way we built/configured the solution) or process/requirements defects (there have been errors in what we thought we wanted). By following good Test Management practices, project teams can identify defects and resolve issues early in the system implementation. Process/requirements defects must be found very early, to avoid massive investment in configuring a system that simply does not work for your organisation.

A Test Plan is a great way to start thinking about testing. A good Test Plan covers:

  • What we are planning to do;

  • When we are planning to do it;

  • Who is going to do it;

  • Why we should be testing these things this way;

  • What environments are we planning to use;

  • How does our testing fit around the plans of the other teams working in the project;

  • What we do when we find a defect;

  • What are the definitions of severities for a defect;

  • What we do when the defect is fixed; and

  • What are our targets in terms of quality at the start of testing, and at the end of the project.

Yes! All of the above needs to be captured in your test plan! And honestly, you want to capture it all at the start at the project when people can think rationally and clearly, before stress rises in your project and people start to react rather than plan. Once your test plan is in place, here are the key processes and elements of testing/Test Management which can help you uncover defects in your system/product:

  • Test design – Test design involves creating test cases and test scenarios based on the project’s business processes, requirements and specifications. Test cases are the individual steps that must be performed to execute a particular test, while test scenarios are a sequence of test cases that form a complete use case (eg. how the user will use the system/product to achieve a business outcome). Test design also includes identifying the test data and explicit test environment needed to execute the tests successfully.

  • Test execution - This includes running the tests and recording the results, identifying defects and issues, and ensuring that the product meets your predetermined quality standards. Test execution can be done manually by human testers or can often be done using specific test automation tools – in appropriate situations. Test execution also includes retesting of fixes of the issues that arise during testing, updating test cases and scenarios, and re-executing the tests if necessary.

  • Test reporting – Lastly, one of the hallmark features of test management is reporting. This will take place throughout a project’s DLC. It also involves summarising the test execution status, test results, identifying trends and patterns, and providing feedback to stakeholders. Test reporting provides valuable information to the development team and management, enabling them to make informed decisions about the system/product's quality and its readiness for launch.

To ensure effective Test Management your organisation may use specialised tools and techniques. Our experts harness these powerful tools and techniques to streamline testing processes and boost the quality of your project. If you are interested in learning more about our Test Management service and how it can help protect your current or next project, reach out to us now at


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