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AgileXperts is committed to a mentally healthy workplace and we encourage this conduct to our clients. A mentally healthy workplace is a key driver for organisational success and sustainability. How safe do you or your employees feel to take risks or be vulnerable in front of each other in your workplace?

Psychological Safety is defined as “being able to show and employ one's self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career”.

Below are four tips to help ensure your organisation is or remains mentally healthy.

  1. Lead by example to help ensure behaviours demonstrated become the norm across the organisation (eg. show respect, be open and approachable, acknowledge mistakes, teach learnings, listen).

  2. Implement and monitor integrated organisational systems, policies and processes to reduce stigma and discrimination.

  3. Protect employees from psychological injury by building trust and maintaining a positive and supportive environment and culture where employees feel safe to contribute to happenings by offering external services such as Agile consulting.

  4. Increase employee knowledge, skills and capabilities to be resilient and succeed by offering relevant training and personal development opportunities.

AgileXperts can help you with instigating and sustaining the above actions.

References: - Psychological Safety Policy


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