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Project Delivery & Recovery

Our Xperts have years of hands-on project management, delivery and recovery experience. We work as an extension of your team to facilitate business outcomes that are the right fit for your business within deadlines, budget and scope. We deliver your projects utilising the most appropriate aspects of traditional and new ways of working and take pride in transferring our knowledge to your people to ensure your organisation is prepared for the future.

Coaching & Consulting

Mastery is more than a collection of course certificates. With a focus on individual needs and learning styles, coaching creates a space to home in on target growths areas, contextualise learnings and paves the way to mastery. Delivered as one-on-one or group settings, our personalised coaching programs typically run in three-month blocks to support our clients in building and embedding the skills outlined in their personal coaching plan.

Business Agility Assessments

We have scientifically proven assessment tools to provide your organisation with an assessment of your agility, baselined against your peers around the world.

Change Management Strategy

Effective communication and engagement sit at the heart of successful organisations.

Our Xperts can tailor solutions to support and accelerate your business agility growth plans.

Delivery & Contract Assurance

Through our Expert Witness work and delivery experience, we can help you identify where those unexpected surprises await before they turn into expensive mistakes.

New Ways of Working

While there is no single methodology that guarantees delivery success, our Xperts co-design consistent ways of working bespoke to your needs and capabilities drawing from current industry practice and experience.

Workshop Facilitation

There is a whole lot more to workshops than post-it notes and sharpies. Our Xperts are highly skilled in facilitation techniques that keep interest and create an environment for innovation that accelerates outcomes.


AgileXperts offers a range of plain English and practical programs to help grow your organisational agility and scaled agile practices. Need something specific? Our Xperts can create tailored training programs to suit any eLearning or classroom delivery setting.


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