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Tend to Team Culture Like a Sapling: Growing Agility and Innovation in Your Business

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies need to be agile and innovative to stay competitive. But achieving agility and innovation is not just about implementing the latest technologies or adopting new business models. It's also about creating a culture that fosters collaboration, creativity, and experimentation.

Our CEO, Brett Cowan, rightly says, "Tend to the culture of your team as you would a sapling." This means that building a strong team culture is like nurturing a sapling into a healthy, thriving tree. It takes time, effort, and care, but the results are worth it.

So, how can you tend to the culture of your team?

Define your mission and values

The first step to building a strong team culture is to define your mission and values. Your mission is your reason for being, while your values define the principles that guide your actions. By defining your mission and values, you create a clear direction for your team and ensure that everyone is aligned around a common purpose.

Lead by example

Leaders set the tone for the team culture. As a leader, you need to model the behaviours and values that you want to see in your team. This means being transparent, accountable, and open to feedback. It also means being willing to take risks and learn from failure.

Foster collaboration

Collaboration is essential for innovation and agility. To foster collaboration, create an environment that encourages teamwork, communication, and knowledge-sharing. This can include regular team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and cross-functional projects.

Encourage creativity and experimentation

Innovation requires creativity and experimentation. To encourage this, create a safe space for your team to try new ideas and approaches. This can involve setting aside time for experimentation, providing resources for innovation, and celebrating successes and failures.

Continuously improve

Building a strong team culture is an ongoing process. To continuously improve, solicit feedback from your team and use it to make adjustments. This can involve regularly assessing your team's progress, identifying areas for improvement, and taking action to address them.

Tending to the culture of your team is critical for achieving agility and innovation. You can create a culture that supports your business vision and goals by working on the above areas. So, take the time to tend to your team culture like you would a sapling, and watch your company grow into a healthy, thriving business.


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