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This month marks the 10 year anniversary of Creature Consulting Pty Ltd. Like all innovative businesses, evolution is inevitable, so we are very excited to celebrate this milestone through our business growth and rebrand as AgileXperts.

So what is it about AgileXperts that makes us so unique? We are small but significant. We provide exceptional service that builds sincere and genuine relationships with our customers. We are driven by our competition and our personal satisfaction in our achievements is great. Being boutique also enables our business to be flexible to changing conditions and this is what Agile is all about.

Most companies these days want to be Agile, they just don’t know how to implement it. This is where we step in to guide you. Just as the infographic here shows:

  • We will show you how to start > which leads to team confidence;

  • We will help you prioritise what to target > which leads to team inclusion; and

  • We will adjust our proprietary implementation model to fit your needs > which ultimately leads to new ways of working.

If you are thinking about implementing Agile in your team(s), we know you have questions. Gain some comfort from knowing you are not the only one - our Top 3 customer questions are:

  1. What is Agile?

  2. What can we expect to get out of implementing Agile?

  3. What would a plan to implement Agile look like?

Our subscribers gain access to our responses to these common questions. Subscribe or contact us soon.


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