The Roadmap To Ongoing Compliance

Diving deep into your Payroll Office can be daunting, however, it's better to discover the skeletons in the closet sooner rather than later.

As part of this engagement, we will critically analyse your payroll processes, identify your risk profile and present you with a roadmap to immediate and ongoing compliance.

Identify Your Risk

Identify your risk

Our Payroll Health Check examines your organisation's Payroll and Time & Attendance processes.

The Payroll Health Check’s purpose is to analyse if your current processes and systems are compliant and how they compare to your industry's best practice. AgileXperts Payroll Health Check is a service that will provide a snapshot of the health of your current Business-As-Usual (BAU) Payroll and Time & Attendance functions, creates a detailed list of risks and issues and delivers a heat map highlighting the criticality and urgency of any identified risks and issues.

The AgileXperts Payroll Health Check covers (but is not limited to):

  • Current processes;

  • Current process documentation;

  • Single Touch Payroll Compliance

  • Payroll and T&A process output;

  • Segregation of duties;

  • Manual intervention procedures;

  • Configuration controls;

  • Compliance risk within processes;

  • Team knowledge and maturity; and

  • Team structure.

Refine your HR and Payroll processes

We use our experience and skillset to work with your team to examine and refine your HR, Payroll, Rostering and Time & Attendance processes. The key outcome of the Payroll Process Review is a documented set of AS-IS and TO-BE processes.

These processes are documented in industry-standard Business Process and Notation (BPMN), and can be used for a multitude of purposes:

  • Go-To-Market for new systems;

  • Change Management;

  • Work Instruction documentation;

  • IT architecture design;

  • Compliance verification; and

  • Business continuity in the Payroll & HR space.

After your Payroll Process Review, you and your team will know exactly WHAT you do to run Payroll and HR, and more importantly WHY you do each step.

Refine Your HR and Payroll Processes


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