Holistic Organisational Agility Patterns - a framework that helps businesses deal effectively with ongoing change.

"AgileXperts were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them for any project management needs you may have.”

- Duy Tran, People and Culture Manager, Southern Restaurants

HOAP™️ is a modern form of project management -  a hybrid of traditional and agile principles.   HOAP™️ stands for Holistic Organisational Agility Patterns.  

HOAP™️ is a set of proven patterns that our Xperts have used over years of delivery to achieve success despite major challenges. 


So when you engage with AgileXperts as a company, you are guaranteed to be getting the learnings, wisdom and experience of every one of our consultants from every engagement we have delivered through the decade we have been in business. 


HOAP™️ is one of our significant value-adds.


The challenges which HOAP™️ addresses are:


What does “agility” mean in today’s context?

It is the ability of an organisation to adapt and respond to change in terms of business strategy, processes and the culture it wishes to embrace.

Where can an organisation improve?

Through our partnership with AGILITYINSIGHTS, AgileXperts has a scientifically proven tool to concisely pinpoint opportunities for improvement which will yield the highest return.

Who can enable success within an organisation?

Every person/organisation is ultimately responsible for their own success.  Engaging Xperts who have successfully helped many organisations to change will provide guidance and support to steer you through the unknowns and enable your success along the journey.

When should the team change?​

Now!  The hardest part of driving change is obtaining the cooperation and consent from everyone where change is necessary.  With the upheaval in our current business landscape, all people are ready to embrace change.  So NOW is when it makes sense to refocus on company vision and purpose to enable a culture for the 21st century.

Why does the team need to change?

Nothing has impacted our economy and way of doing business like COVID-19.  Every company needs to reassess not only how it engages with its customers, but also every aspect of how they engage with their employees.

It’s not a choice whether to change or not.  The choice is how much control you wish to exercise over the change that IS happening.

How can we extract maximum value from our investment?

The use of a scientifically proven model from AGILITYINSIGHTS allows the clear identification of changes with maximum potential of return on investment.  The patterns AgileXperts have historically used to successfully deliver these changes are the heart of HOAP™️.  Our case studies and testimonials are evidence of the effectiveness of the HOAP™️  framework.

How much time will it take to see results?

The HOAP™️ framework allows AgileXperts to show value and return on investment within four weeks of engagement.  HOAP™️ guarantees satisfaction and is delivered incrementally until optimal outcomes are achieved.

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