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Holistic Organisational Agility Patterns - a set of patterns derived from our learnings through years of successful delivery experience.

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"AgileXperts were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them for any project management needs you may have.”

- Duy Tran, People and Culture Manager, Southern Restaurants

AgileXperts embrace a different, more modern form of project management -  a hybrid of traditional and agile principles.   It is for this reason we founded HOAP®.  HOAP®  stands for Holistic Organisational Agility Patterns.  HOAP® is one of our significant value-adds.


HOAP®  is a set of patterns which have been derived from AgileXperts’ learnings through years of successful delivery experience.  These patterns are fundamental to our organisation practices as well as to the success of our existing and future projects.  They detail the processes, and experiments within projects we have undertaken, subsequently empowering our people with learnings from real previous experience.

HOAP®  includes patterns such as:

  • HOAP®  Business Agility: Explicit areas of a business which would deliver biggest return if uplifted with agility;

  • HOAP®  Project Delivery: Project Management approaches to optimise outcomes and minimise risk;

  • HOAP®  Design Language: A structured language to allow a business to describe what they need without worrying about how it will be built; and

  • HOAP®  Test and Deploy: The test and deploy guidelines to get value from the outcome as quickly and safely as possible.

We all know that dealing with ongoing change is what all businesses need to stay competitive in this modern world.  At the highest level, HOAP®  is a framework that supports businesses dealing effectively with ongoing change.  The HOAP® framework allows AgileXperts to show value and return on investment within four weeks of engagement.  HOAP® guarantees satisfaction and is delivered incrementally until optimal outcomes are achieved.

Ultimately, when you engage with AgileXperts, you are guaranteed to be getting the learnings, wisdom and experience of each one of our consultants from every delivered engagement through the decade we have been in business.  It doesn’t get better than that!

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