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Case Study: Accelerating Innovation in the Fast-Food Industry via an Agile Diagnostic Scan

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

In the fast-food industry? This industry is increasingly turning to agile ways of working to stay competitive. Today, we’d like to share with you a case study where we undertook an Agile Diagnostic Scan for one of Australia's largest fast-food retail and hospitality organisations. The aim of our engagement was to enhance organisational agility, foster innovation, and address the challenges posed by a multitude of simultaneous business initiatives.

Identifying Challenges and Friction Points

This fast-food organisation had experienced tremendous success in 2020, primarily due to the unique circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they recognised the need for change and further innovate to maintain their competitive edge. They operated in a complex environment with numerous franchises to manage, restaurant operations to support, and a strong focus on marketing.

One of the core challenges revealed by the Agile Diagnostic Scan was that they struggled to balance innovation and structure. While there was a strong desire for innovation, the existing command-and-control management style hindered the implementation of new ideas. The organisation had established rules and routines that ensured product and service quality and consistency, but these same practices created friction and conflict when it came to embracing innovation.

Conducting Virtual Workshops and Engaging Stakeholders

Given the limited availability of stakeholders to participate in the diagnostic process, we at AgileXperts conducted virtual sessions and workshops. The organisation's executive leadership team were briefed on the diagnostic scan results, allowing them to gain awareness of the current state of affairs and validate the desired future objectives to increase agility and innovation.

To ensure comprehensive input and foster collaboration, a team workshop was facilitated, involving all staff members. This workshop aimed to delve into the results of the diagnostic scan and identify the root causes behind the friction points and impediments. By involving employees at all levels, the organisation aimed to foster a sense of ownership and commitment towards the forthcoming changes.

Designing Strategic Initiatives for Incremental Improvements

Armed with the insights gained from the diagnostic scan and the collaborative team workshop, we embarked on designing strategic initiatives. These initiatives were carefully developed, prioritised, and aligned with the goal of monitoring the impact of incremental experiments aimed at improving innovation.

By focusing on small, measurable changes, the organisation aimed to create an environment conducive to innovation and agile practices. This approach allowed them to manage the competing priorities effectively, streamline processes, and empower employees to contribute to the company’s success.

Outcomes and Future Outlook

The Agile Diagnostic Scan and subsequent initiatives had a profound impact on the organisation. By identifying and addressing the points of friction and impediments to innovation, they began to embrace a more agile mindset. They realised that innovation could coexist with their commitment to product and service quality, and that a more flexible management approach could facilitate this balance.

Moreover, the employees felt empowered and engaged throughout the process. By involving them in the workshops and decision-making, the organisation fostered a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. This not only enhanced their workforce agility but also increased employee satisfaction and motivation.

Looking ahead, the fast-food organisation is well-positioned to navigate the challenges of a dynamic industry. The Agile Diagnostic Scan served as a catalyst for change, prompting them to adopt a more innovative and adaptive approach. By leveraging their newfound agility, they can respond quickly to market trends, experiment with new ideas, and stay ahead of the competition.

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The Agile Diagnostic Scan that we undertook proved to be a transformative process for the fast-food organisation. By recognising and addressing the challenges inhibiting innovation, they embarked on a journey towards enhanced agility. Through virtual sessions, workshops, and collaborative decision-making, they developed strategic initiatives to incrementally improve their innovation capabilities.

In an ever-evolving business landscape, the ability to adapt and innovate is critical for success. The Agile Diagnostic Scan provides organisations with an understanding of their current state and empowers them to embrace agile practices. By leveraging the insights gained from such a diagnostic scan, you too can drive meaningful change, foster innovation, and secure their position as industry leaders.

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