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Celebrating NAIDOC Week: Embracing Indigenous Culture in Our Organisations

NAIDOC Week is an important occasion for all Australians to honour and celebrate the rich history, diverse cultures, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is a time of year where we see many businesses and individuals embracing the opportunity to create a workplace that respects, values, and celebrates Indigenous culture. In this blog, we highlight the importance of NAIDOC Week and share some ideas on how everyone can come together to celebrate and support our Indigenous colleagues and communities.

“We would like to acknowledge that we are gathered on the land now known as Australia. We pay our respects to the Elders past, present, and emerging, and recognise their ongoing and profound connections to the land, waters, and culture. We honour their enduring contributions and commit to fostering inclusivity, understanding, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.”

Acknowledging Country and Indigenous Peoples:

One of the simplest and most fundamental ways to demonstrate respect for Indigenous culture is through Acknowledgment of Country. If you have not done so already, we encourage our colleagues and community to add an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land in meeting invitations or their email signature. This simple act fosters a sense of connection and recognition of the ongoing relationship between Indigenous peoples and the land.

Cultural Awareness Training:

Promoting cultural awareness and understanding is key to creating an inclusive workplace. Organising cultural awareness training sessions during NAIDOC Week can be a valuable learning experience for employees. These sessions can range from sharing online stories and experiences and listening to indigenous musicians through activities or presentations from Indigenous artists, performers or guest speakers. It is a great time to explore the diversity of Indigenous cultures, histories, and contributions.

Supporting Indigenous Businesses:

NAIDOC Week presents an excellent opportunity to support and promote Indigenous businesses like the Jonathan Thurston Academy. Even consider showcasing products and services from Indigenous-owned businesses. Initiatives like this not only provide economic support but also helps raise awareness about the incredible talent and entrepreneurship within Indigenous communities.

Community Engagement and Volunteering:

Engaging with local Indigenous communities is another way to build meaningful relationships and contribute to positive change. Encourage employees to participate in volunteer programs, cultural events, or community initiatives organised by Indigenous organisations during NAIDOC Week (and all year round). Collaborating with local communities allows us to develop long-lasting partnerships and learn directly from those whose cultures we celebrate.

NAIDOC Week is an opportune time for all organisations to reflect on the importance of Indigenous culture, history, and contributions. Implementing even just one of these actions above is a small change in which influences the way we think and how indigenous people feel. There is no silver bullet but by implementing one or any of the above steps we can help actively promote inclusivity, understanding, and respect within our workplace and beyond. Let us take this chance to honour the rich diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, foster stronger connections with Indigenous communities, and work together towards reconciliation and unity.


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