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We all have challenges, at work, at home, at play. Challenges help prove our strength, they help us practice compassion and they define our values. Here we have outlined some of the challenges we experience as Xperts. You may find that some of these challenges coincide with your own.


Scope is a concept that needs to be constant in traditional methodologies. It’s something to be protected and if it creeps then it should be feared. When you accept that in the real world scope is never constant, and that if you try to keep it stable you will not be delivering the best value to your customers, then you must be starting to understand the concept of agility – bending and flexing to the constant changing of the real world. Welcome to agility!


The C-Suite can delay any business engagement should they not understand and embrace the value it will deliver. Through engagement and education, all stakeholders within an organisation will iteratively embrace and acknowledge the value delivered by agility.

Team Satisfaction

It is challenging work to build a positive, productive team. Agile ways of working can assist this, with implementing process and creating safe environments, but again, it is challenging work, and is why growing the right culture as a foundation is a key factor in success.


Diversity is such a wonderful thing. It does, however, come with its challenges. Language and cultural barriers, feedback, misinterpretations or lack of communication all contribute to the challenge of communication. Initial co-location is a key first step to ensure the team develop a relationship which will allow them to effectively work together into the future.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is a great challenge. If our client’s satisfaction is not met as the business’s first priority, your organisation is in trouble. It can be easy for a team which is not founded in purpose to lose their way. Constant communication and reinforcement is simply one of the ways to ensure that your people always remember what value they should be focused on.


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