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Your Payroll Risks

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What actually ends up in your people’s bank accounts is the outcome of a series of interactions from multiple systems and data sources both electronic and human.

 Over time, systems and processes organically grow more and more complex.

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The misconception around installing better IT systems often hides the underlying problems as they can only do what they are programmed to do.

More often than not, errors and inefficiency occur in what we call the human-centred systems - the space between people and processes.



We go where auditors, dashboards and exception reports don’t by identifying problems, weaknesses and inefficiencies at their source in and around your Human Capital Management (HCM) systems.

When it comes to dealing with these critical areas of your organisation...

How We Help

Process Mapping & Risk

Identify the problems, weaknesses and inefficiencies.

Starting from the top of the iceberg and working our way down, mapping all the systems and processes that feed the ecosystem that pays your staff.

We look at all systems from HR to roster, to payroll and everything else between, getting information out of people’s heads and onto paper in an easily digestible format.

Not sure if your people are paid accurately and efficiently?

More complex workforces always increase potential for payroll error.​ Quietly accumulating and compounding in the background, these errors can remain undetected for years.

The level of risk to you is substantial, yet invisible.


How We Work

Meeting Your Compliance Obligations

The consequences of systemic underpayments can be anywhere from inconvenient to catastrophic.


- Fines and penalties
- Unbudgeted cash drain
- Brand and reputational damage
- Culture crushing

Making the Invisible, Visible

In most organisations payroll is a dark art and core knowledge sits in the heads of long-term staff, even though the system is responsible for significant outflows of cash, as well as employee reward and welfare.

You can't fix what you can't see.

Efficiency Improvements

Everyone wants to be more efficient but there are two sides to the efficiency equation.

Inefficiency not only costs you more, it's a breeding ground for mistakes and errors.


There's no such thing as a perfect system but there is always a way to make your system better.

Making sure your people get paid when and what they should be paid, with a minimum margin for error.

Paying people correctly is a foundational element of Social responsibility. We support you with the 'Social' aspect of ESG.

Identify and Implement better ways-of-working

We support organisations to identify and implement better ways-of-working by leveraging our unique Diagnostic to track the impact of change initiatives.

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